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Retirement Accounts

I have worked 25 years and I have $65,000 in my retirement.  If I just cash it in I can pay off most of my debt.  NO! NO! NO!  Your retirement is yours not theirs.

Most of the time cashing it in is a HUGE MISTAKE.  First, it never pays off all of your debt, so you are still in debt and you do not have any more savings left for retirement.  Not to mention the taxes and penalties you have to pay for withdrawing them before you reach retirement age.  NEVER cash in your IRA, 401K, pension or retirement savings accounts without talking to us FIRST!

So many clients we see have the wrong idea of how to solve their financial problems.  They think by liquidating their retirement accounts they will get out of debt and have a better future.  WRONG!  A better future begins with saving your retirement accounts and savings.  We will explain to you why most of the time, individuals can keep all their Retirement Accounts and still file for bankruptcy.

Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to find out how we can eliminate your debt and help you build your future savings.  We help you SAVE YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS FOR WHEN THEY ARE REALLY NEEDED -- WHEN YOU RETIRE.

Call Lisa today to schedule your bankruptcy appointment with Cohen Law Offices or fill out the email form below. Or, if you prefer, click the red appointment widget to the right ---> to schedule an appointment yourself.

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