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     For your initial consult with Cohen Law Offices, you should try to bring the following information with you so that we can accurately figure out whether or not you can and should file a Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  DO NOT WORRY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THE INFORMATION WITH YOU FOR THE FIRST VISIT, BUT TRY TO GATHER IT TOGETHER IF YOU CAN.

Past Income Needed:

*2010 Income Tax Return

*2011 Income Tax Return

 Current Income Needed:

*2012 YTD income from last paycheck

*2012 SSI/SS Disability Statement indicating how much you receive per month

*Unemployment compensation paid in 2012 from website (unemployment compensation)

*Workers compensation paid year to date

*Child support paid in 2012 from website (child support)

 *Last 6 months of paystubs for each job each person in the household holds


Information about Real Property Owned (whether or not you currently reside in the property):

*Deed for each property owned by you and/or your spouse

*Mortgage statement for each mortgage or line of credit against each property owned

*Mortgage and/or note against each property owned

*List of liens against each property owned

*Whether or not you own any vacant land, camp site or investment properties

*Sale date and sale price for any property sold or transferred within the last ten years

*Any foreclosure notices or complaints you have received or been served with

*Whether or not you intend to keep any of your properties or houses


Information about Vehicles Owned:

*Year and Model for each vehicle owned by your and/or your spouse

*Mileage on each vehicle

*Private party value from Kelly Blue Book from website (Kelly Blue Book)

*Financing statement for each loan against each vehicle or amount financed, payment and name and address of creditor

*Titles for each vehicle (names on each title if not in your possession)

*Date of repossession if previously repossessed within last 3 years

*Whether or not you are behind in your payments on any of your vehicles

*Whether or not you intend to keep any of your vehicles


Information About Your Monthly Expenses:

*A list of your monthly mortgage or rental payments

*A list of your car, furniture or other monthly installment payments

*A list of your estimated monthly utility bills

*A list of your monthly insurance payments for real estate, vehicles, medical or other insurance such as life

*A list of anyone else you pay monthly payments to


Information About Your Bills:

*A list of credit cards you owe – the company, their address and your balance with them

*A list of medical bills you owe – the medical provider, their address and your balance with them

*A list of any other people you owe money to – their name, address and your balance with them




Annual Credit Report


(We pull your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies for $50 ($75 for two people))



·       We take payments for BKs, but we do not file them until you pay the attorneys fees and filing fees in full. 

·       You may have your creditors call our office for up to 6 months while you pay on your BK fees.



       We can file answers to your mortgage foreclosures or defend lawsuits filed against you to keep judgments from being entered against you until you are ready to file for bankruptcy.  (For an additional fee).

Call Lisa today to schedule your bankruptcy appointment with Cohen Law Offices.

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