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I Was Denied!

Most people get denied.  DO NOT GIVE UP! I will help you win your case. Don’t let time run out.  You are only given 60 days to file an appeal.  It takes less than an hour to file your appeal, but I need your signature and must get the appeal sent to the Social Security Administration before the deadline.  Preparing your case is what I love to do and it costs you nothing.  I pay all the costs and if you win then you reimburse me for those costs.  I get paid on a contingent fee basis, which is withheld from your case by the Social Security Administration when I win your case.  The fee is 25 % of past due benefits up to a maximum of $6,000.  For example if you win from 24 months ago and your benefit rate is $1,500 per month you would likely receive a back payment of 18 months because Social Security considers the first full 5 months as non-pay months.  (You would be entitled to 18 months x $1,500 per month = $27,000 of past benefits – they will subtract 25% for attorney fees ($6,750), however, I only am entitled to receive $6,000, so you get the extra $750).  You would only be responsible to reimburse me for the records we obtained in pursuing your case.


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