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Who is Entitled to Receive Workers Compensation Benefits?

Nearly everyone who is injured while working or suffers from a work-related illness, is covered by the PA Workers Compensation Act and could receive medical benefits for their injuries and wage loss benefits until they are able to return to work at their previous level and pay.  If a worker is killed while working or dies from a work-related illness, their survivors may receive survivor’s benefits.

Part-time, seasonal and full-time workers are covered whether they work for a profit or non-profit corporation or sole-proprietorship, even if they only employ one worker.  Certain types of employees such as federal civilian and railroad retirement workers and volunteers are not covered by the PA Workers Compensation Act.  Please call our office to discuss whether you are entitled to workers compensation, do not take your employer’s word for it. 

Even if your employer does not have workers compensation, you may be covered by benefits from the Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund.  Please call our office to discuss your work injury even if your employer says they do not have workers compensation coverage.

You may not be entitled to workers compensation if you intentionally hurt yourself or your injury is caused by illegal drug use or intoxication or other violations of the law.  However, please call our office if your employer tells you that you are not covered due to one of these reasons, as you may be able to dispute the facts. 

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