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Social Security Disability

We at Cohen Law Offices understand that filing for social security can be a difficult process. But, be assured, you do not have to go it alone - we are here to help with with the entire process - from your initial filing for Social Security to the hearing in front of the judge. We will help you gather your medical records, get reports from your doctors and will help prepare you for your social security disability hearing.

Attorney Shawn Cohen

COHEN LAW OFFICES provides personal attention for adults and children who are diagnosed with a physical or mental disability. We know that receiving your denial from Social Security is an upsetting time. We know that you deserve and need the money. But, do not be discouraged; a large number of people who are eligible for Social Security Disability get denied at first. After your shock, just pick up the phone and call COHEN LAW OFFICES to get the appeal process started. You only have 60 days to appeal your decision and the longer you wait to call us, the longer it will take to get your first Social Security Disability check.

At your first appointment, Shawn will thoroughly explain the social security disability process and will go over your physical and psychological history with you. We will then order your medical records so that we can understand better what your disability is and will also request reports from your doctors so that we can show the judge that you are indeed eligible for social security disability benefits.

Sometimes, you do not even have to go to a hearing; sometimes, a decision will be made to approve you for Social Security "on the record".

As your case progresses, we encourage you to email or call us with your progress or feel free to schedule in through our online appointment scheduler so that he can determine what additional information he needs to gather to help you win your case.

So call or email Lisa today to schedule your Social Security Disability appointment with Shawn or fill out the form below. Or, if you prefer, click the red appointment widget on the right ---> to schedule an appointment yourself.