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I Was Denied Because They Said I Can Do Other Work

If you were denied because they said you can do other work, please call my office right away for an appointment with me. I will take the time to look at why Social Security got your decision wrong.  Every day I review decisions with clients and agree with them that they should have won their Social Security Disability benefits.  Once I take on your case, I get to see the entire Social Security file.  Many times it was improperly reviewed or the Social Security Administration failed to get good reports from the treating doctors even though you asked them too.  I will go the extra mile to obtain your medical records, reports and evaluations, which in many cases make a big difference in supporting your case.  If that does not work, I love to go to the Social Security hearings with you.  I personally appear at the hearings, not some paralegal or legal assistant.  I have more than 12 years of winning benefits for disabled individuals under my belt. Let me help you get the money and benefits you deserve.



So call or email Lisa today to schedule your Social Security Disability appointment with Shawn or fill out the email form below. Or, if you prefer, click on the red appointment widget to the right to schedule an appointment yourself.