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Mortgage Foreclosures

Foreclosures are at an all time high. There are many options to help you. Bankruptcy is just one of them.

If you are behind on your mortgage and you are expecting a sum of money that will allow you to pay it up, we could help you delay the foreclosure process until you receive your money. We could do this by negotiating with the mortgage company, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or by filing preliminary objections or an answer to the complaint the sheriff served on you.

If you are behind and you do not have any lump sums coming to you in the new future, and you want to keep your home, we could file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for you. In a Chapter 13, you will resume making your mortgage payments the next time they come due. Then, the amount you are behind (the arrearage) will be spread out over 36 to 60 months and paid to the bankruptcy court in addition to your regular mortgage payment. At the end of the 36 to 60 month period, you will be current on your mortgage.

Another option would be to negotiate a modification with the mortgage company which would either lower your interest rate, payment or add the amount you are behind on to the end of your loan.

Even if you know you cannot afford to keep your home, DO NOT move out until you talk to us. You do not have to move out until it is sold at the sheriff sale and the new owner gives you notice to move.

Make sure you call Lisa at Cohen Law Offices as soon as you are behind on your mortgage so that you leave all of your options open. But, even if you have received your Act 91 notice or the sheriff have served a complaint on you, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO SAVE YOUR HOME. The bank or mortgage company does not own your home until it is SOLD at the sheriff sale.

Call Lisa today to schedule your bankruptcy appointment with Cohen Law Offices or fill out the email form below. Or, if you prefer, click the red appointment widget to the right ---> to schedule an appointment yourself.

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